Gunma Prefecture is known as an area for apple production. Gunma satisfies the requirements for fruit growing, such as the difference between day and night temperatures, the duration of sunshine, and the inland climate, so quality apples are produced in the prefecture.

Gunma Meigetsu

Gunma Meigetsu, a variety of apple harvested between late October and mid-November, is known as the “visionary yellow apple.” This variety of apple is characterized by its juiciness, sweetness and being less sour.

In the prefecture, you can enjoy fully ripe and freshly picked apples at a farm stand or tourist apple orchard. This variety is so popular that it is booked early and sold out in the harvest time every year.

Gunma Meigetsu has been so popular since its creation in 1991 that a lot of people visit Gunma for this variety of apple. However, its yield is limited, so these apples can soon be sold out. That is why they are called “visionary yellow apples.”

Slim Red

The Slim Red, a variety created in Gunma Prefecture, is a slim and somewhat small apple as its name suggests. This variety is characterized by a roughly mashed texture, a nice balance between sweetness and sourness, and skins that are easy to eat.

The harvest time is between late October and early November. This variety of apple stays fresh for a long period of time or about three months in cold storage after harvesting. Since they are somewhat small, you can carry them on you easily when going out or going on a picnic. So, you can easily enjoy a Slim Red on the go.


The Fuji is the most abundantly produced variety of apple in Japan owing to its good taste and high storage quality. These apples are characterized by juiciness, a honey-core, sweetness, and a crunchy and favorable texture.


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