Various characteristics of tomatoes are produced. Some tomatoes are produced in winter and spring in flat areas with a lot of sunlight, and others are produced in summer in cool highland areas with large temperature differences between day and night.


Fruit Tomato (Brix 9)

As the name suggests, this tomato has a high sugar content (Brix) that is over 9 degrees. Compared to regular tomatoes with a sugar content of 5-6 degrees, this tomato is considerably sweeter.

Its flesh is solid and dark red. Considering its very sweet and rich taste, it is best to eat raw. This tomato is relatively small and produces less than half the amount of conventional large tomatoes as it is cultivated using a method which controls water amount developed by Gunma Prefecture. However, it is so delicious that you will get addicted once you eat it.


Cherry tomatoes

In Gunma, cherry tomatoes are actively cultivated in the central and eastern areas, and they are shipped mainly from late autumn to early summer of the next year. Based on their abundant experience, farmers carefully manage water and produce sweet cherry tomatoes.


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